Apr. 27th, 2011

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I'm posting this here since everyone on Tumblr seems to have figured it out on their own so I figured I would share.

I beta now. A hell of a lot more than I used to. So, some ground rules.

I am of the belief that there are various levels of betas: Level 1 being grammar/spelling/formatting. Level 2 being word choice, characterization, etc. Level 3 being tear this shit apart. I'm not so hot on Level 3 unless we're really good friends. Like I've betaed for you before and I feel comfortable enough to tell you 'this scene in no way works at all, take it out now'.


I will Level 1 beta (i.e., check spelling/grammar) for anyone (even if we're not flisters), in any fandom -- even if I don't know it, and [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] can attest that I've looked over her TVD fic before with no problems -- for any pairing, regardless of my feelings on it.

I will Level 2 beta for FLISTERS ONLY, any fandom that I am familiar with (check my userinfo), for any pairing within those fandoms, regardless of my feelings on it.

My email is slybrunette@gmail.com. You can contact me here via PM, on Tumblr via my ask, and on Twitter. My username is always slybrunette, wherever you go. You can also find me on gchat. I take .docx, .doc, and GoogleDocs. I use track changes but if that's not cool with you, we can work around it.

Finals week is coming up but after May 6th, I should be more or less available for the duration of the summer. I am more likely to get back to you in the afternoon/evening. I'm going to try for a 24 hour turnaround but if it's a 10,000+ word fic, that may take a while. This post will be stickied to the top of my journal, for future use.

Anyways, feel free to hit me up :)


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